Property Management

Our property management department includes tenant services, managing capital expenditure, and representation for investors. We always aim to reduce operating costs and maximize cash flow for our clients. We advise on legislative changes, compliance obligations and proactively monitor lease expiries and recommend courses of action.

At Kelly & Kelly we aim to negotiate favourable terms with the tenants for property investors and manage these properties to ensure secure strong returns. Staff undertake regular training to keep up to date with legislative changes, current rental levels & maintenance of properties.

The management of a property should maximize financial performance while maintaining proficient building systems and good relationships with tenants.  This formula ensures investment security and return. 

At Kelly & Kelly Property, we recognise that a strong partnership must exist between an owner and a property manager to ensure all owner objectives are met.  The long term benefits of professional and dedicated property management often has a major consequence on the net improvement value of the investment.

Our experienced staff mediates between the tenant & owner and our team is highly motivated, professional & organized, & always follow detailed procedure.