22,920 (2011)
Local Government

City of Darebin

6.3 km² (2.4 sq mi)
Suburbs around Northcote
Brunswick East
Fitzroy North
Clifton Hill

7 km (4 mi) from Melbourne

Access to Northcote via public transport was initially via the Inner Circle Line, which when linked to the Heidelberg Line in 1888, ran close to the southern border of the suburb. The line to Whittlesea was opened in 1891, creating a direct line to Northcote, although the line initially journeyed via Royal Park, Carlton North, and Fitzroy North, before a line was built from Clifton Hill to Melbourne through the suburb of Richmond in 1901 to 1903. The northern section of the Inner Circle Line was closed to passengers in 1948, leaving the eastern section (from Melbourne to Clifton Hill, via Richmond and Collingwood).
Northcote has five railway stations along two lines. The South Morang Line serves Merri Station, Northcote Station and Croxton Station. The Hurstbridge Line serves Westgarth Station and Dennis Station.
A cable tram began operations along High Street in 1890 (now tram route 86). A tram line opened along St Georges Road in 1920 (now tram route 112). Northcote is also served by bus routes along Separation Street, Westgarth Street and Victoria Road.