4,907 (2011)
Local Government
City of Yarra

Federal Division

1.8 km? (0.7 sq mi)

2 km (1 mi) from Melbourne

Suburbs around Abbotsford
Clifton Hill
East Melbourne

Area Profile

Abbotsford is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2 km east of Melbourne's Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Yarra. At the 2011 Census, Abbotsford had a population of 4,907.
Abbotsford is bounded by Collingwood, Richmond and Clifton Hill and separated from Kew by the meandering Yarra River. Formerly part of the City of Collingwood, it is now part of the City of Yarra. Victoria Street forms the southern boundary to Abbotsford (with Richmond); Hoddle Street forms the western boundary (with Collingwood); the Eastern Freeway forms the northern boundary (with Clifton Hill) while the Yarra forms the eastern boundary with Kew, in Boroondara.
Some well known Abbotsford landmarks include the Skipping Girl Sign, Dights Falls, the former Collingwood Town Hall, Victoria Park Football Stadium and Abbotsford Convent.
Abbotsford is designated one of the 82 Major Activity Centres listed in the Metropolitan Strategy Melbourne 2030.
Abbotsford takes its name from the estate of John Orr, which in turn is named after a ford in Scotland's Tweed River, used by the Abbott of Melrose Abbey.



Two railway stations are located in Abbotsford, both on the South Morang and Hurstbridge lines. The Collingwood railway station services the middle of the suburb, whilst Victoria Park Station services the northern section and Victoria Park stadium. Nearby North Richmond Station also services the southernmost part of the suburb.
Tram route 109 (Port Melbourne/Box Hill) runs down Victoria Street and trams no. 78/79 terminate at the corner of Church Street and Victoria Street (technically in Richmond).
The Eastern Freeway feeds into it at the northern end. Much of Abbotsford is serviced by narrow one way streets and is punctuated by the main streets of Hoddle, Nicholson and Johnston Streets.
Hoddle Street is a major busway and includes a dedicated priority bus lane along the length of the Abbotsford section.

Abbotsford is designated one of the 82 Major Activity Centres listed in the Metropolitan Strategy Melbourne 2030.